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Course Description

BBO - Boat Based Operations - WI-TF1

Swiftwater Boat Handling and Operations class trains students on the special circumstances presented to rescuers using boats as rescue and search platforms in moving water. Students pre-plan on land and in classroom, move to still or slow water, and then into current.

Topics include: boat introduction, requirements, and handling. Other class subjects include: navigation of vessels, rules of the road, paddling, high-riding in swiftwater, and anticipation of events in what are fast moving and dynamic environments. High siding, eddy turns, and peel outs are covered as useful tools for probing high probability search areas.

Prerequisites & Other Information:
Must be a member of WI-TF1 to who has completed Swiftwater I and II to attend.

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 24.00
Provider: Wisconsin TaskForce 1
Sponsor: N/A
Disciplines: Fire Service

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