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Course Description

SWR012 - Swift Water Rescue I and II

Rescue 1 topics include: rescuer safety, hydrology, the dynamics of moving water, preplanning swiftwater operations, site survey, hazard identification, personal protective equipment, knots, survival float and swim, mechanical rigging systems, locating hidden obstructions, use of inflatable boats, and low-head dams. The course also explores multiple rope tactics including
building rescue systems and using rope throw bags in rescue scenarios. Swiftwater Rescue 2 topics focus on the coordination of multiple teams for synchronous land and water-based Swiftwater Rescue Training Series
Swiftwater Rescue 1 & 2 Combined Class searches.

Topics include: characteristics of moving water, operational planning, equipment selection, equipment use and maintenance, search techniques, advanced rope and rigging skills, swimming exercises, swiftwater rescue board exercises, advanced river rescue scenarios, triage drills, strainer drills, and water bound victim extraction exercises.

Prerequisites & Other Information:
Must be a member of WI-TF1 to register.

Prior to registration confirm with your sponsoring department that you are eligible to attend. 

No tuition is charged.

Course Specifics

Hours: 40.00
Provider: Wisconsin TaskForce 1
Sponsor: N/A
Disciplines: Emergency Management
Fire Service

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